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by JC

" Shaping Every BODY "

Body by JC provides enhancement suit rentals to film and television production companies. If a stunt performer needs extra padding to double their actor, Body by JC can assist with her

self-made enhancement suits. From her many years of experience doubling curvy actors, JC knows the ins-and-outs on how to make her suits look natural AND be comfortable to wear all day and every day for women and some men.

There are 3 sizes to meet your needs:

1. Full Size Body

2. Three-Quarter Size Body

3. Half Size Body



Body by JC will deliver the BODY on the fitting day to demonstrate how the suit fits and mold it on the stunt performer to match their actor's body type and shape.

Each body has a rental fee:

--- One Body by JC $150 / day

--- Two Body by JC $250 / day

The rental fee includes:

Delivery at the Fitting


Post Cleaning

There is an option for purchase if needing a Body for more than 3 day.

Purchase flat fee $450


Some Past Shows that have used

BODY by JC on their stunt performers

Currently, BODY by JC is being used in the upcoming BET's "American Soul "

Good Girls 2 .jpg
Fear of TWD.jpg
Cobra Kai.jpg
Girls Trip.jpg

Complete the form below to inquire more information and to schedule your Body by JC delivery

Body 4.jpg

Stunt Double Shellita Boxie on the set of" Tropical Cop Tales"

Body 5.jpg

Stunt double Barbara Lee on 

set of "American Soul"

Thanks! Message sent. We will contact you soon.

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