Jwaundace Candese

Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black


The Collection, stunt actor, Hiro Koda and Banzai Vitale
The Help. Dbl. Viola Davis, Rocky Capell and Rex Reddick
Madea's Big Happy Family, stunt performer, Scott Dale
The Fields , Dbl. Deneen Tyler, Darrin Prescott
Grown-Ups, Dbl. Ebony-Jo Ann, Paul Eliopoulos
Surrogates, Stunt Actor, Gregg Smrz
The Hangover, Stunt Performer, Darrin Prescott
Dance Flick, Stunt Driver, Charlie Brewer
Vacancy 2, Dbl. Juanita Jennings, PeeWee Piemonte
Push, Dbl. Mo’nique, Roy Farfel
First Sunday, Stunt Driver, Eddie Watkins
Plan B, Stunt Actor, Mark Hicks
Freedom Writers, Rioter / Fights, Billy Morts
DreamGirls, Dbl. Jennifer Hudson, Kevin Jackson
Last Holiday, Dbl. Queen Latifah, Andy Gill / Jack Gill
Irish Jam, Dbl. Mo’Nique, Johnny Martin
Taxi, Dbl. Queen Latifah, Tom Harper
Scary Movie 3, Dbl. Queen Latifah,Jacob Rupp/J.J. Makaro, Andy Cheng,
Bringing Down the House, Dbl. Queen Latifah, John Medlen

Detroit 187, Dbl. Tyla Abercrumbie, Clint Lilley
Treme, stunt actor, Jeff Galpin
Always and Forever, stunt actor, Gus Williams
Vampire Diaries, stunt actor, John Copeman
Parks and Recreation, Dbl. Retta, Matt Taylor
The Cleaner, Dbl. Whoopi Goldberg, Ian Quinn
Touched, Dbl. Aloma Wright, Spice Williams
Crash, Motorcycle Dbl: Haylee Marie Norman, Clint Lilley
CSI, Stunt Actor. Jon Epstein
Cold Case, Dbl. Julia Pace Mitchell, Jimmy Romano
Scrubs, Dbl. Aloma Wright, Spike Silver
The Tyra Banks Show, Dbl. Tyra Banks, Derrick Simmons
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Stunt Actor, Joel Kramer
Nip/Tuck, Motorcycle Biker Chick, Spike Silver
My Name Is Earl, Utility, Al Jones
Lincoln Heights, Dbl: Lyne Odums, Ernie Orsatti
The Loop, Dbl. Patricia Belcher, Al Jones
Standoff, Dbl. Kym Whitley, Carrick O’Quinn
WOW (Women of Wrestling), Tag Team Champions, Elle Alexander
The Parkers, Dbl. Monique/Stunt actor, Robair Sims

Publix, Scooter Mom, Dorenda Moore
Dodge, Stunt Actor , Pat Romano / Alex Daniels
Wendy’s, Stunt Actor, Pat Romano
Volkswagon, Driver Stunt Double, Steve Kelso
Lantus Pharmaceuticals, Motorcycle Double, self

Wrestling (professional)
Most sports
Cycling (mountain/dirt & street motorcycle)
Roller and Ice Skating
Some Martial Arts (tae kwon do, wushu)

Fights, flipping, flying, rappelling, hanging, etc.

Super Level 1---Rick Seaman
skid turns, slides, 90's, 180's, reverse 180's, precision, crashes, etc.

Falls (rails / stairs), weaponry, gun work, hand to hand combat, fire and burns

Motorcycle - Black Yamaha R6 (2006)
Mountain Bike
Snowboard and Gear
Roller Skates
Wet Suit

Learn new skills quickly, drives stick shift, hard worker, trained ACTOR
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